My Olympic Poster

This is my movie poster for the Patriot.

My movie poster revision
A Typography poster of the Green Bay Packers logo

This is my adidas logotype.

This is my packer typography project.


6 responses to “Posters

  1. henslerm ⋅

    Drew, change the colors of the key words to match (red has more contrast in this case). Realign the text inside of the torch (it’s crooked). You also have the phrase incorrect.

    The spacing makes everything feel disconnected a bit. Try placing the two lines near each other, center aligned, with the torch underneath. I also think the torch should be vertical, not tilted. Fix the spacing of the far left flame and second from the left flame.

  2. 13dwrench

    Drew, My favorite project is definitely the Adidas poster. I like it because its simple but looks professional.

    Dan ❤ 😀

  3. 14henders

    I agree with Dan. That poster is really good!

  4. MSortman

    My personal favorite is the Bourne Identity poster. Such a great idea and it turned out amazingly.

  5. i like ur shark night poster it turned out really well and i like how u made it look like sunlight was coming through the water

  6. laurie forsberg ⋅

    do you sell your posters?

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