Last Project of the Year

This is the last project in Digital Design 2 of the year. I think this is the best project i have done all year. I enjoyed this class and wish I could take it next year.


I am currently working on a typography poster for the recent selected draft picks by the Green Bay Packers.


In this tutorial I learned how to expand objects and offset their paths to make them look bolder. I would use this if i ever needed to make a retro advertisement poster. I enjoyed this tutorial.

In this RSS Icon tutorial I also practiced using a shape and lowering its opacity to give it a gradient look. I will use this for any poster that involves more than one color. I aslo enjoyed doing this tutorial.


This is a Logotype tutorial with a construction blue print feel to it. I learned how to use a grid to add different colors in specific spots. I plan to use this technique if i ever can not use the gradient tool on a project.

This is another logo design using a broken glass type tutorial. I learned how to use shapes to paste over text, then move the different parts of the text to give it a broken look. I plan to use this if i am doing a grunge poster.


I accomplished a chalkboard text tutorial, i used this tutorial to do my project that gives a school-like feel to a typography. I learned how to download and install different patterns and textures.

With this tutorial I used different gradients and textures. I plan to use the gradient tool more, i improved on that tool from this tutorial.

I made a retro poster. I used the pen tool in photoshop which i have never used before and i know now how to use it and will use it more in projects.